Spring has arrived!

Driving down to see Dustin’s mom today, I saw spring in the fields. The lush green taking over the drab brown that winter left behind was like a breath of fresh air. Driving back home and seeing it all again from a different view, it looked like some giant hand had taken a green crayon and began to gently brush color over the Earth. Seeing this made me go outside with my camera and try to find the buds of spring.


The above photos are from the east side of our house. The new shoots are coming up and a bright daffodil is struggling to bloom. Nearly every tree or bush I looked at had small buds of green at their tips.


As Dustin and I were driving today, he made a remark. It was a true statement one I’ve thought of and even fussed over before, and still do on occasion if not more often. He said, “Everything is so routine.” We get up around the same time every day. We usually have a number of things to choose from to do in our spare time, and the list never changes. We have the same schedule with very few changes each day of the week. The faces we see each day hardly change. The people we talk to are rarely different than those we talked to yesterday. The same things that got on our nerves yesterday are bound to get on our nerves today and the next day and the next day. Everything is routine.

I see nothing wrong with routine. It’s structured and I know what to expect at certain times. But then there is the itch for adventure. The itch to get out, try something new, different. DO something new and different and perhaps even challenging. Or GO somewhere I’ve never been. When the routine is one that I don’t particularly enjoy nor dislike, it gets…. drab, boring. So the question is, how do I flip up my routine, change it around, make it just a tiny bit more exciting on a day-by-day basis? Is it just a matter of attitude, always looking at each day with a fresh outlook, not letting myself get bored with the same ‘ol same ol? Is it trying to fit something different in my daily routine that I normally wouldn’t? Most likely a mixture of the two. The latter required quite a bit of creative thinking. I get stuck in a box of sorts and can’t think outside of it to see the new things in this city that never seems to change. It’s a challenge.

Perhaps if I could look at the world through a child’s eyes, like Haylie, then I would see things that I never would with adult eyes. As adults, we seem to think we know about things, that our maturity level gives us the ‘correct’ vision of the world. But is this really true? The world is so big and amazing to a young child, and I think that never changes. The only thing that changes is our perspective of it. Maybe that’s why dogs are so fascinating to me. They never grow up. They are constantly amazed by things around them, and live in the present moment, enjoying life as it is now rather than what it was or might be later. They never lose the perspective of a young child.

As Haylie is saying…


5 comments on “Spring has arrived!

  1. Beautiful photos, keep up the great work!

  2. Amber says:

    I feel the same way, about routine. Everything is so based on routine. I find myself many times wondering what life would be like if I didn’t have to worry about going to work, or going to school. Why can’t I wake up when I want to and do the things that I enjoy without falling behind? Ugh.. life. Then I find myself remembering childhood and how I always would pretend to be a princess or a tiger and go on adventures. I miss that. I miss wondering what adventures could be out there and the excitement I felt. In some ways I guess I wish I could feel that excitement I felt as a kid, but I am hoping someday I can rekindle it….

    Beautiful pictures :)

    • I know what you mean. Growing up is kind of evil when you think about it. It’s sad to lose the perspective of the world that childhood gives you. I guess the aim is to learn how to see the good things when all your experience shows you is the dreariness of the world. Easier said than done of course…

      Thanks for the comment girlie.

  3. liz says:

    Gorgeous pics, chick! And, as for the routine thing, I find myself trying to find the balance between the security of routine & the freedom of adventure. But it is, as you said, all about perspective… anticipating that even your normal routine holds some moments of adventure within them. Expect great things, look for new things, and they will be! Thanks for reminding me. :)

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