It was a country music kind of day

Today was a cool, rainy spring day and I loved it. I found myself in a mellow mood all day, silent, just kind of observing everything, taking everything in, storing it away in the back of my head to be dealt with later. It was…. freeing, peaceful, refreshing even.

Driving was really appealing to me today. And the country stations on the radio called my name. This song struck something in me while I was on my way to class. His voice, the words, the beat. Not sure what it was but I think it was all the little things put into one.

I took some time today to close my eyes, breathe, and take in the words, the beat, the entire song. I recommend it. (:

Here’s to a better week than the last, although it was wonderful hanging out with my two best friends everrr. And having coffee with Kayley and catching up just a little bit on each other’s lives. If I’ve learned anything in my 20 years of life it’s that humans are the most annoying, cruel, nasty, unforgiving creatures on Earth – but then there are people who you connect with and the resulting relationship surpasses almost all you’ll ever have in your lifetime, and makes it all worthwhile and bearable. I wouldn’t trade these chicks for the universe.


2 comments on “It was a country music kind of day

  1. Amber says:

    I wouldn’t trade you either gurrl! :) And you got to love those songs that just make you feel alive….

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