5hrs 40mins later, paper is finished

Week 11: orange
Everything is better naked (except snowboarding – that’ll freeze your *ahem* off)

3/12 fork
need I say more?

3/13 sign
A crosswalk sign whilst on Jayde’s birthday walk

3/14 clouds
right above my house

3/15 car
an old ’83 F150 we went to look at

3/16 sunglasses
hanging from my rearview. with the peace sign.

3/17 green
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!! the green eye shadow I wore that day

3/18 a corner of your house
a rather drab view of the east side of our house, no flowers yet!

Well, this is at least more visually appealing than my last three posts. (:

New week, new opportunities! …right?


4 comments on “5hrs 40mins later, paper is finished

  1. Amber says:

    Glad you got the paper done. Btw love the pictures. Miss ya (:

  2. liz says:

    Awesome pics!!!

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