Jayde turned 5 today!

Five years ago this little ball of spitfire came into my life. She was the runt of the litter and also the most obnoxious, stubborn, and independent of all her brothers and sisters. I am blessed to call her mine. She amazes me everyday. <3

Tired, happy girl with her birthday presents. (:

Today started off at Starbucks with the two coolest chicks ever, Ashley and Amber. Then, after a trip to the chiropractor, Mandy, Jayde, and Parker got to go on a walk all the way to Petsmart where Jayde got her gifts. The walk was a bit long for Parker but he took it like a trooper. And Jayde loves her lion. (: After that we threw her new flying squirrel and the ball around for a bit, tiring them out even more. I had a class for an hour, then Dustin and I went to see his mom. Buddy came as well this time instead of just Parker. The weather was so nice we stayed outside the entire time we were there. Then we hit up Chili’s for dinner and it was probably the best dinner I’ve had there so far. If you go, try the sweet and spicy chicken. Delish. Played some basketball, and now here I am.

Tomorrow’s supposed to be another beautiful day but I have to stay cooped up inside with homework and then work after that.

Waiting for the ball to be thrown. So intense.

Parker's new blanket from my niece. And in his favorite spot: mom's lap.

Get it, Jayde, get it!



2 comments on “Jayde turned 5 today!

  1. Amber says:

    Happy Birthday jayde!

  2. nbdetmers says:

    Happy Birthday Jayde!!!

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