Battery Level: 92% full

Week 10: hands

A few more from the March Photo-A-Day Challenge…

3/6 5pm
Feeding time for the dogs (:

3/7 something you wore today
my favorite shirt (:

3/8 window
The window of the guest/baby room (boo blurriness)

3/9 red
Not sure why we still have poinsettias in our house, even if they are fake

3/10 loud
I haven’t really said anything about it on my blog, but I really dislike the television. It’s intrusive and unnecessary.

3/11 someone you talked to today
I nearly took a picture of myself. I talk to myself everyday. It’s very therapeutic. ;) But Mandy’s the best listener ever – she never interrupts!

 I enjoyed my spring break immensely, and it went by much too fast. What I have to look forward to this week includes 3 birthdays, 2 exams, a paper, and the abstract of a paper, on top of the usual homework and stress. This week was a serious refresher for me. Although it didn’t raise my motivation level one bit, it gave me some time to recharge and relax for a bit, enjoy some free-reading books and ignore the realities of the college life for just a while. I hope to keep up the breakfast eating I’ve been doing as well as the small work-outs every morning. The hard part will be getting up in time to work-out, get dressed, do my hair, eat breakfast, and get to class. Hopefully this week gave me enough of a push to make it to the end of the year.

Does anybody else find it ironic that I did two rather ‘legit’ posts two days in a row, and the two most tiring days of the week for me on top of that? Not having to worry about homework might have had a part in that. (:

I can hear the rain and the clock ticking away. Nobody, unfortunately, has invented homework that does itself. So I guess I will go now and deal with the pain.



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