Take a deep breath;; it’ll be okay

Serving may be a drag at times, but it has its perks. Although I’ve met my share of idiots I’ve also met some very nice people who have made me stop and think and those who are just plain interesting. Work tonight wasn’t bad. I’d dare to say I enjoyed it more than I have in a long time. I picked up a shift for my favorite manager, DJ, as a favor, and made a little extra money. (: Win win situation.

Here is one lady who comes into the Roadhouse with her husband every once in a while:
A Deep Breath of Hope

I noticed her editing pictures on her laptop one time and stopped to talk to her, ask her if she was a photographer and whatnot. Turned out she had quite the amazing story, and it just blew my mind to hear it. Check out her blog, you won’t be disappointed. (:


 As I was laying (lying?) in bed last night, it suddenly struck me how worried I was. About life. About things. And I reflected back on some blogs that I follow, where the bloggers seem to be carefree, excited about life, casual, thankful, and so many other positive adjectives. And even talking to Ash earlier yesterday evening, while we were talking about school and such, she told me that she’s not seriously worried about what she’s going to do after graduation. Both of these things, I asked myself: Why should I worry? Why should I worry my life away, constantly trying to plan my next move, the next paycheck, the next step in life? Aren’t the college years supposed to be fun, full of adventure and exploration?

Albeit, it is difficult to NOT worry about things; it’s only natural as a human being. But if I’m going down the path of worrying my life away, then something has gotta change.

Easier said than done, but that doesn’t mean I can’t try.


Here are the first 5 days of March in the March Photo-A-Day Challenge.

3/1 fruit
Apples are so nummy. Definitely one of my favorite fruits.

3/2 up
It was cold out, and I’m not sure why the fan was on but it gave some cool effects with a slow shutter speed. (No pun intended).

3/3 your neighborhood
The sunset is my favorite part. I love living on a cul-de-sac.

3/4 bedside
This picture says a lot about what I love. Just a tiny snapshot of my life, you could say.

 3/5 a smile
I originally had a photo of Mandy’s smile while playing with Jayde, but this one captured the moment wonderfully and I couldn’t pass it up. Not to mention Parker’s leg is in a funny resting position. (:

Peace out.

2 comments on “Take a deep breath;; it’ll be okay

  1. liz says:

    i love this post! from the inspiring conversation with a random person, to the reminder to not worry about the future (easier said that done, i agree), to your awesome, awesome pics!!! thanks for the good vibes!

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