A picture an hour, for 12 hours

I finally got around to one of the photo projects I’ve been wanting to do. I got the idea off of another blog a while back, and wanted to give it a try. A picture an hour, for a day.

9am: Breakfast. OJ and a bagel, untoasted.

10am: A project for human physiology – make a brochure for malignant hyperthermia. Pretty interesting, actually.

11am: Weekly visit to Barnes & Noble with Dust. Such a bad habit. (:

Noon: Still at B&N. Walked by the new fiction section and saw the book I’ve been waiting for. Can not WAIT to read it!

1pm: Class – human phys lecture this time

2pm: After class. The clouds looked pretty neat.

3pm: Downtown

4pm: I’d def card this dude. ;)

5pm: Mama dishin’ up the lasagna for dinner. Yum yum yum.

6pm: Before class. The sun sure sets quick.

7pm: During my night class, Philosophy of Science. There was nothing else to take a picture of. But I think this captures the moment nicely.

8pm: My newfound friend. I’ve kind of forgotten that my iPod can play music…

9pm: Homemade chocolate chip cookies

I tried to photograph things other than my dogs for this project, because they get enough attention from the camera. AND none of these were taken with Instagram. ;)

Spring break is next week! But I have so much homework I’m trying not to get too excited about it. Just gonna sleep, do homework, and work. And maybe free read a little bit as well.

Peace out.

6 comments on “A picture an hour, for 12 hours

  1. I like 9am, 11am and 4pm the best! Great way to document time!

  2. nbdetmers says:

    I love how you timed everything out, this post is pretty awesome!

  3. liz says:

    love it! gonna do it soon!!! you take rad pics, girl!

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