Instagram and new ideas

I discovered a magical thing today. A magical thing called Instagram. I don’t have an iPhone, but I do have an iPod touch and it occurred to my unbiological sister to get the app on there. Sure took us long enough to figure that out! However now that I have – and maybe you’ve been following my tweets on the right side of the screen – I am absolutely loving this app. It is so much fun. The only downfall of having it on my iPod (versus on iPhone) is that I have to be around wireless internet in order to post anything. Sucks, but I think my iPod is going to receive a LOT more attention now that I’ve discovered this. (:

And that is also the reason I don’t have any pictures to share with you today – just go look at my twitter feed –>

On a much drearier note, I did not wake up in a good mood today. Something my sister said last night put me in funk and bad mood. Luckily it went away as the day wore on. It’s amazing how much hurt those close to you can dish out. Just amazing. And I am positive it is because they are close to you, so that means they matter to you and (hopefully) vice versa. That being said, I’ve noticed that lately I haven’t been stressing a lot too much. Apart from that incident, anyway.

I had a midterm today, for my Topics in Philosophy class. And although I was kind of prepared for it – I had studied and looked over my notes and re-read a few readings prior to it – I still didn’t feel confident about it. I also think it was a bit too much information to be shoved onto us in one test, especially with no quizzes and not really a structured lecture or even seminar time to go over and hit the main points of the readings and the material he covered on the exam. Nonetheless, it is over and that is all that matters. I forgot a few specific points but I believe I got the main concepts.

Tomorrow is the start of something different, new: I’m giving up Facebook and pop. Facebook is just a plain bad habit and really, who cares what others are doing at any point during the day? The two things I’m going to miss the most are posting photos and seeing the work of other photographers. But I can live without those. I have this blog and twitter and now instagram. That’s good enough. Pop will be hard on the weekends – I need to get into the habit of drinking iced tea and lemonade. I can do this. (:

Peace out.


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