I only worked 5 hours today…

…compared to twice that or more. Might hurt the bank account a bit, but the relaxation time is well worth it.

I woke up feeling like complete crap today: stuffy nose, scratchy throat, head feeling like a 500lb weight, knee acting up again. Bad hair day (but that’s usual for Saturdays). I tried to make the best of it, with an eggs and toast breakfast, a glass of orange Airborne, and a Tylenol. But work wasn’t any better. My bosses piss. me. off. If I had another job, I would have seriously considered walking out. Heck, I considered it when I went into the bathroom to cool off, but only briefly because it is hard to walk away from good money. :/ I need a job where I can be my own boss.

Alright, enough about that.

Week 8: black and white

Once again, I couldn’t decide. The second one I was aiming to get the steam, because I think it looks so neat in black and white. And the last one is kind of a cheat because I took it a while back, not this week. But hey, he’s stupid cute so it’s okay.

Dustin and I have made it our goal to watch every single movie Denzel Washington has acted in (like Ashley’s Depp movie list). Tonight we’re going to watch The Bone Collector. I have some homework to do so I’ll leave you with that. Hopefully some new photos tomorrow, and I have some ideas for posts that I need to jump on this coming week so keep an eye out. :)


6 comments on “I only worked 5 hours today…

  1. Wow! Such beautiful photos! I am a WordPress photographer as well, so I love seeing posts like this! Great job, and keep it up!

  2. Tristen says:

    The second photo of the pot looks odly fimiliar of the pot at minnesota ;) I love you and miss you bunches.

  3. nbdetmers says:

    these photos are stunning!!!!!
    awesome job :) I love your new blog layout too!

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