Thinking ahead (because I’m sick of homework)

I can’t wait for the summer.

1. Get outside more – biking, walking (by the river hopefully!), playing with the dogs
2. Work with Jayde – obedience, tricks, agility, fooling around
3. Make some dollar signs
4. Get a job at  The Dogwood

And possibly get a small photography thing going, but we’ll see about that. I need to be more active, read lots of books, spend some time to myself, and reduce the coffee/soda intake. But for now, the 4 above are my main goals. I would love to take a week trip to Colorado to see Tristen and the fam and those mountains that I miss so much, but that’s another thing I’ll have to wait and see about.

Spent 3hrs chillin and drinking coffee with the coolest chick ever today. Be jealous.

I have some photos on my camera that I could transfer and post but I’m not particularly feeling it right now.

So, until tomorrow. :)


One comment on “Thinking ahead (because I’m sick of homework)

  1. Amber says:

    YOU BETTER START THAT PHOTOGRAPHY THING SOON. CAUSE YOUR PICTURES ARE AWESOME. Good luck with your goals. You can do it! Also I am very jealous, because I couldn’t be there. :(

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