Sunday No-funday

The joys of writing a paper. A paper about the justness (or lack thereof) of the Korean War, no less.

History used to bore me. But in my history class last year when we learned about the two world wars, I was pretty intrigued by it. And I’m finding myself drawn into the intricacies of this one as well. As much as I hate the deadlines and my procrastination skills…

The book on the bottom actually mentioned 24 in it. That made my reading of it a lot more interesting.

I actually had to tear myself away from writing the dang thing to do this post. I have quite a bit to do, but this paper is the biggest thing on my shoulders. Not difficult really, but mentally demanding and time consuming.

In my opinion, this is a post, no matter what some people say. It’s got some pictures in it… what more do you need?
Just throwin’ that out there. ;)

I rediscovered this song the other day. Don’t know why I like it so much but I don’t think it’ll ever get old.


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