Just another day in paradise

Professor Trout: How about we take all the redheads in the world and make them into our slaves. Would that be fair?

Some dude in the back: Yeah, gingers don’t have souls anyway! *Looks over at me* Sorry.

Trout: Actually, that’s true. I don’t believe gingers have souls… but that might be because I don’t think anybody has one.

Some kids in the front row: What?! Why do you say that?

Trout: Well, I’ve never seen one. Have you?

I was quite amused by this discussion. Myself and Professor Trout are actually both gingers, so it was pretty comical coming out of his mouth. He was pretty adamant on the “Souls don’t exist” thing, but wouldn’t go into further detail because it was off subject. Damnit, I would’ve like to hear that.

Ironically, I had this discussion with a guest tonight at work:

Me: Can I take that for you, sir? *reaching for his empty salad bowl*

Guest: No! No no no!

Me: Alright.

Little bit later I come back to the table…

Guest: I don’t know about you… you’re mean.

Me: I’m mean? How am I mean?!

Guest: You tried to take my food! You’re mean!

I laugh and start to walk away, then turn toward him again: Actually, I am a ginger, and we don’t have souls. So you might not be far off.

He just grunted.

Ah well, some personalities just don’t mesh. His loss. It’s pretty awesome knowing a ginger – just ask Ash. :)

Delicious, delectable, mouth-watering peanut butter pie. So. Freakin. Good.

Mandy says hi. :)


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