Yes, that just happened

Do you ever wonder if I’m going to post, because it takes me so dang long to do so? I know I do sometimes.

Honestly, Saturdays just kick. my. ass. However even though it was a looooong day, I was in a good mood pretty much all day, and didn’t have any nasty tables or dumbasses, so it was alright. Plus, a family came in with 5 kids…. a little blonde boy, two baby girls (2ish months old), and two little 3ish year old boys. The babies were twins, and the two 3 year olds were twins. And get this: the boys were REDHEADS!!!! Totally made me night seeing them. :) Of course, I’m not biased or anything, redheads are just a level above all other children. ;) I went around to practically every co-worker of mine and asked them if they read Harry Potter, and if so, to go see Fred and George at 121. :)


Time to go eat my dad’s delicious homemade runzas sandwich. :) Lots of homework to do tomorrow but I have a gatorade and gummy bears to keep me company. :)


4 comments on “Yes, that just happened

  1. Amber says:

    Dem redheads. They be da shit. Also I want to eat dinner at your house again. Such. Awesome. Food.

  2. Jeyna Grace says:

    If the twins were named fred and george… LOL.. that would be something.

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