Frosty morning

A plus of living by a cemetery: great scenery. And on days like this, it couldn’t get better. It’s like my own winter wonderland in my backyard.

Actually I woke up with just enough time to fix my hair, brush my teeth, make some coffee, and head to class. Got the first two done, went downstairs, and saw the scene outside our kitchen window. I immediately grabbed my camera and snapped some photos before rushing to class. Coffee was still consumed later of course. :) It was definitely worth it.

I absolutely LOVE frosty mornings. I love looking out over the treetops while I drive and seeing all the frosted over trees against a light blue backdrop. Just breathtaking.

I actually jumped out of bed this morning, and was in a good mood all day, and it seems to have gotten better as the day comes to a close. Unless you count the class I just came from where we talked about: The Meaning of Life. I don’t think I even want to go into detail here, but let’s just say I think it is a tad pointless to try and find such a thing. We could talk about it for years and not come to a conclusion. I personally believe it is subjective, give or take a few things possibly. But nothing is ever simple with a philosophy major (or whatever the heck Fish is majoring in). And oh boy when he brought up the idea that “Rationality is the purpose of human life” I wanted to walk out of the room. Sick of that crap. I am soooo excited to have another class with that dude tonight. Damnit.

Movie night with Ash tonight… can’t wait! And I get to meet her new little baby! I’m sure I will post pictures if she lets me. :)


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