Golden boy & good deeds

 I gotz me a new book to read in the summer. Seeing as I have practically no time to read the stack of 7 or 8 books beside my desk right now, I guess I just like to add to the list.

Yes, I am a nerd.

And Parker got a new sweater.

He's a pimp

Ashley asked on her blog a while back what the ingredients to happiness are. And I said I would answer that. I haven’t given it a lot of thought, but I’m starting to think it doesn’t need a lot of thought.

I believe happiness is subjective. The recipe for happiness is different for each person depending on their own life choices, personalities, thoughts, emotions, wants, needs, etc. I don’t really know what I would include on my list; I could probably figure it out with some thinking. However I do know one thing that is without a doubt included: Peace. Peace with myself. Peace with my choices. That would be the ultimate level of happiness for me. I think I’m on the right path now.

Did a good deed today: Kept a dog from possibly getting hit by a car on Lakeport. Dustin and I took a walk in the cemetery and as we neared home I saw a car slam on its brakes (with a line of cars behind it), and a dog run out from in front of the bumper. Good grief it about gave me a heart attack. We rounded him up and blocked him from going back into the busy street. It turned out he belonged to someone living right where he crossed at, and they didn’t realize he was outside. That is such a scary thought. Thank goodness he didn’t get hit. Just seeing him almost get hit brought tears to my eyes.

Today is a Buddy post, because I take too many pictures of Jayde. :) Plus, seeing Buddy actually playing is extremely rare, and he is so adorable when he prances.

It’s funny: If I tried to do the 365 Project, I’d probably fail. But I have been taking pictures quite frequently lately. Hopefully I can keep it up! Speaking of 365, go check out this guy. He’s got a great outlook on life and takes some awesome pictures (always a plus). :)

Does it take other bloggers an hour to write a single post?


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