Change your path, it’s not too late

Week 5: From a high angle
(I couldn’t decide on one, so here are a few.)

You can see why I had a hard time choosing. She’s just too perfectly photogenic. All of these – apart from boosting the contrast just a tad and cooling down the second one – are pretty much SOOC. I’m seriously loving this manual focus thing (thanks Tori!). It brings such a new dimension to my photography and I am in no hurry to go back to AF. I’ve never gotten such nice bokeh with AF either.

"A dog's eyes are windows to his soul."

"You will find no greater love than that of your dog."

I am 20 years old, nearly 21, and I am just realizing who I am. A weight has come off my shoulders, and I feel freer than I ever have in my life. I feel something changing. I don’t know what it is but for once I am letting go of control and enjoying it. From now on I’m living for me. Where life takes me, I’m excited to see. No more groveling, no more worrying about the little things. 

And I want to say thanks.

Thank you to Ashley, for being the bestest BB4L & unbiological sister I could have ever asked for and for teaching me to not take life so seriously and to find the humor in every situation – sarcastic and otherwise. :)

Thank you to Amber, for always being there when I needed to talk. For sharing laughs and tears across coffee and books and pretzels. For always believing in me no matter the doubts I have of myself.

Thank you to Dustin, for teaching me to stress less and live more. For making me smile any time of the day and always being on my side through all the good and bad. For making me realize how precious family and life is. For taking me on a journey that I wouldn’t want to share with anyone else.

Thank you to Mom and Dad, for being constant sources of inspiration and support and love. For always watching over me, giving me advice, and letting my make my own decisions through life.

And even though they can’t read this, thank you to Ebonie, Maggie, Mandy, Buddy, Violet, and Jayde. For always loving me, no matter what mood I am in. For teaching me to be happy at the little things. For teaching me that, even though people may be bad or rude, I can always find forgiveness in my heart because life is too short to hate or hold grudges. For teaching me to loosen up and enjoy this moment, as it’s happening. For opening my eyes to the meaning of happiness, life, and peace.

Thank you.


4 comments on “Change your path, it’s not too late

  1. Amber says:

    Awe. :D Love you dear! Thank you for being an awesome friend!

  2. Fantastic. Great photos and beautiful words.

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