What does the world look like when you’re high?

I have a few posts planned out in my head, but I want to add some pictures to them. And the pictures aren’t in existence yet. So hopefully soon I’ll have some time to take them. This week’s theme for the photo challenge is “from a high angle.” And I feel like I looked every where today for an opportunity to take such a shot, but it was a no go. Maybe tomorrow will bring something different, although I think I might have to go searching for a “high” shot. I need to get more creative; something needs to get my creative juices going. Next week’s theme is “from a low angle” (go figure) and I wanna have fun with that one, too, so I have to put my mind to it!

I had a wonderful time at coffee and good convo with Ashley today, and can’t wait to do it again SOON! It’s hard to find something to beat time with your best friend. Plus it was much better time spent than reading the chapter and commentary for my night class (which I am currently writing this post in). I don’t regret it one bit. :)

Sorry today’s post is kinda – okay, REALLY – lame. I hope to get out tomorrow and snap some photos to share with you guys. And I really hope it’s half as nice out tomorrow as it was today! 65 degrees in the midwest the end of January! Wowza.



3 comments on “What does the world look like when you’re high?

  1. ashley says:


    The post mentions me in it. So that begs one question: how the hell can it be lame?

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