I love pictures <3

Adele -Set Fire To The Rain is my current song obsession. Go look it up, WordPress is being an ass atm and won’t let me post a link.


Studying for my Phys exam tomorrow while Dad made dinner. Apple & sage pork chops with some sort of delicious mixture of caramelized onions and fried apples in brown sugar. And a salad. The saying around our house is, if you go hungry here, it’s your own fault.

I like doing picture posts. They’re interesting and give you something to look at. Not to mention they’re really long posts, since a picture is worth a thousand words right? :)

Now I must go study for my Phys exam some more. And read for my PoS class. And read a chapter for my Topics class. And do notes for the PoS readings. And do the Honors writeup for next Monday. Yay. I don’t mind reading for homework as much.


2 comments on “I love pictures <3

  1. Amber says:

    A year ago around this time I bought Adele’s second album and as I listened through the songs, Set Fire To The Rain totally grabbed me. It haunted me in away that I can’t explain. I love that song then and I love it today.

    You say you love pictures, well I love your pictures. You may think you are not a talented photographer but you are. Just remember that.

    • That song, and the song I posted for today’s blog are the only songs I’m listening to atm. Love love love them. I may just have to look up the rest of the 21 album.

      And thank you Amber :) I’m glad you like them.

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