Chillin with the Backstreet Boys tonight

Ashley thought she had pointless posts. Those last two just about did me in – I nearly called it quits with post-a-day. I’m still not sure if I’m going to continue, if I have posts like Friday and Saturday.

Time: there’s never enough of it when you need it, and there’s too much of it when you don’t want it. And actually, we have the same amount of time, every single freakin day. It’s maddening. Does anything really mess with your head more than time? I don’t think so. Tomorrow’s Monday. Such a relief for me, because it means two days off work. I remember dreading the weekend, dragging my feet on Friday during classes, not wanting the weekend to start. And now it’s over with. Classes during the week. Repeat. It’s all in my head that time goes faster or slower. Not that the fact makes it any better.

What am I going to do with the time that I’ve been given?


This weekend while working I found myself observing myself interacting with guests. I’ve never considered myself a people person, and actually always thought of myself as socially awkward. I’m quiet with people I don’t know. In large groups, I usually sit back and listen. I never have quick comebacks or smart remarks. I don’t take jokes on myself well nor do I like being the center of attention. If there is someone beside me, or with me, I usually let them lead. But I noticed that I make jokes with people pretty easily and naturally, much better than I ever could have six months ago. I’m confident as a server and in my workplace, but normally not as confident in myself. Duly noted as something to work on. Easiersaidthandone.

One comment on “Chillin with the Backstreet Boys tonight

  1. Amber says:

    Don’t give up! I know its hard just posting is posting! Even if you think it might be lame it still is posting something. I know I had a couple days where I was like what the hell am I going to do? So I just did something random, and then when I finially had an idea for a post I went with it! Also I think you should do a writing prompt!! You are doing a fantastic job with this post a day! don’t worry!

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