It’s shark week!

I think it’s about that time of the month when I should be allowed to lock myself in a room with padded walls and floor with some books, a notebook and pencil, and my ipod. The padded rooms are for my own entertainment of course – I’ve always wanted to try bouncing off of them. I imagine that the “dirty woman” excuse past civilizations used to justify separating any woman who was menstruating from the rest of the population was a cover-up for the fact that no one – male or female – could stand the Bitch.

Heard that.

I want this sign on my door.

You totally gotta click this. xD

Ashley did a post about the ingredients to happiness. I’ve been thinking pretty hard about it lately, and I’ll probably do a post about it, but right now I want to give it more thought (imagine me doing that…:P).


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