When everything is wrong, we move along

Been listening to that song quite a bit lately. Love it.

I went and saw Contraband with Dustin tonight, and loved it. It was waayyy better than the trailer put it out to be. Mark Wahlberg grows on me every movie I see with him in it. He was pretty badass in Contraband. Here are some other movies I want to see when they come out (in no particular order of preference):


The Grey


Safe House

The Woman In Black (Daniel Radcliffe being in this one is just a plus)


Cheers :)


4 comments on “When everything is wrong, we move along

  1. kristianzhe says:

    Good list! Haywire have been delayed once more. Was dated for relased around January 20th, but now moved to february. Looks like a good movie tough. Cheers :-)

  2. Amber says:

    All please. I want to see them all. To bad my private theater is under construction. I was going to invite Chris, Kiefer, Josh, Shaun White, Emma Stone, you and ashley… you know all the cool people.
    LOLOLOLLOLOLOL JKING. but seriously they all look so good. I am interested to see Daniel CliffRad in a different movie besides Harry Potter.

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