Yes, I’m a college student

and yes I’m dirt poor. Although I wouldn’t be this poor if I didn’t have about 30 medical bills to pay off for the next 2o years. Freakin appendix and teeth.

Book update: I finished the second book of The Hunger Games in about 7 hours or so. Good book. I’m not sure why people are all hyped up on them like when Twilight came out (okay, maybe not quite that level but…) but it’s a pretty good series and an easy read. My favorite part of them, or any book really, is getting lost in another person’s world. Other then that, some hardcore fans might say it was boring until the second half, but personally I enjoyed the first half more. It was different. Got my first textbook for school (yuck!).

My dear friend Amber asked two questions in her blog post yesterday. I already answered the first one, and kind of answered the second one in my post from yesterday, but I’ll put a little more thought into it. How do I feel about starting the spring semester?

Well, each new semester that comes up I find myself looking forward to, anticipating, even if I know it’s going to be difficult. Of course at the same time, I’m apprehensive about stuff. But the fresh start is another chance to do well, to apply myself, and hopefully to find some motivation in me that I didn’t know existed. I usually start out a semester with fresh determination, setting goals that usually drift away as the semester goes on. I’d like to stay ahead in classes, and put more into them then I did last semester (extra credit, for instance). Like I’ve been finding myself saying a lot lately… we shall see.

More unhappy news: my service engine light came on in my car for the third time this week. And it’s been having a rather hard time getting up hills, trudging up like it could stall at any second. Not cool if the only way to get home is up a hill. It wouldn’t bother me so much to take it in if I had more money to spare but honestly I’ve never been this tight on money before – ever. It’s scary. Dontstressdontstressdontstress! It’s just money. If I were to die tomorrow, who would really care? But this doesn’t take my problem away.

Loooooooooooove it! :)


One comment on “Yes, I’m a college student

  1. Amber says:

    Remember to breathe, breathing is good. (:

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