Here we go…

I went to the library today and got a number of books, including the last two of The Hunger Games trilogy. I’m hoping to read through as many as possible before classes start up in a week.

A week! I can’t believe it’s already almost here. On the one hand I’m excited to have a fresh start at grades and avoiding procrastination, but on the other hand I just want to stay at home and read my heart out. And make some money. =/ Money sucks. Just gotta try to keep my eyes on the bigger picture.

I think this is my first official pointless post. I feel bad posting it. :P And it’s only day 4.


2 comments on “Here we go…

  1. Amber says:

    It’s not pointless! Real life is not pointless…
    But I totally know what you mean. I wish I would have had more time to read before my break started, but eh, time is a bitch.

  2. Time is a bitch. Can’t believe I gotta start classes after the weekend.. precious little free time! It was so fun hanging out with you while you were in town though :) I miss you when you’re gone, we gotta get mocha frapps and a pretzel next time you’re in town! And keep each other up on these blog posts!

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