Can you see the signs?

A monkey and a cat Brushed in the same family, and it was hard to Jump which was the greatest thief. One day, as they were Wafting about together, they Kiss some Spaghettios Boning in the ashes. “Come,” said the Hard monkey, “we shall not go without our dinner today. Your claws are better than mine for the Fly–you Hit them out of the Soft ashes and you shall have half.” The feline pulled them out one by one, Sleeping her claws very much in doing so. When she had Shuffled them all, she found that the monkey Shot every one.

– Madlib authored by Dustin, Amber, and I. xD Too much freakin fun.

Dinner date with some awesome people later tonight. Meanwhile, dealing with idiots at the Roadhouse. We’ll see how that goes. I wonder why in the world I agreed to it – when nobody really seems to give a shit about it but me. And I don’t even know why I do.


2 comments on “Can you see the signs?

  1. Amber says:

    Good times!!! (:

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