I’m the one crazii after all

I’m already wondering what the heck I’m going to blog about for the next 364 days. :P As the boyf puts it, “You can’t just write about anything… you’re not the type of person to half-ass things.” Heard that. This project should stretch my creativity to the limits.

20 Week Photo Challenge – Week 1: Self Portrait

I joined GoodReads and hope to read more books for fun rather than for school this year. Whether those be fiction or nonfiction books. However lately I’ve been finding myself drawn to nonfiction books rather than fiction, and that’s kind of disappointing because I love getting lost in different worlds;; it’s a blissful escape. Malcolm Gladwell’s books are definitely on the list of books to read this year: The Tipping Point, What The Dog Saw, and Outliers.

Fear Factor in t-20 minutes! Nothing compared to 24, but it’ll do. It’s odd to me how we walk by almost the same people every single day, and only a few of them we become truly close to. And it’s funny how we can barely notice a person is there and then in three months time be closer to them than to those we’ve known for much longer.

Btw, I’m in love with Daughtry’s song Rescue Me <3


7 comments on “I’m the one crazii after all

  1. ashley says:

    Rescue Me is the song I’ve been listening to most of theirs.

  2. Tristen says:

    I miss you soo much Heather and I cant wait to see you again!! I have been stay ing caught up on your blog too ;) I wish we could talk more than we do (which is lacking). Miss you bunches!! I love you

    • I didn’t even know you would be reading it, thanks Tristen! I miss you too, it’d be great to visit you next summer if I could. I miss the rest of the fam too, and the mountains. :)

  3. Amber says:

    I still have to join Good Reads! I will do that tomorrow when I am not doing anything in my dorm! lol.

  4. Amber says:

    Oh btw! Freaking Gorgeous PICTURE!

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