Fuzzy Socks & Other Necessities

Merry Christmas to my two faithful readers! :) Can’t wait to see your beautiful faces at Red Robin tomorrow night.

It was such a strange Christmas this year… no snow and 56 degrees the day after!? In the midwest to boot! But the spirit was still there. Gathering with family and friends and celebrating Jesus’ birthday at church far outweighed the dreary Christmas Eve I had at work (not a single person was in the giving mood). The joy on the kids’ faces when they opened their gifts was priceless. Haylie got the rocking horse she wanted. :) I can already tell that that thing is going to be extremely well used. Mom got a new chandelier for the kitchen, and Dad got some Angry Birds boxers. My sister and I both got plenty of gas cards (that will hopefully be longer lasting with the falling gas prices) and Dad’s home-cooked prime rib and au jus was absolutely delicious. My wonderful boyfriend got me the Vanity coat that I wanted, as well as….

….that extremely awesome coffee mug that I’ve already (obviously) put into use. On the other side it says, “This is Jack Bauer, I need to talk to the President!” So bomb xD I got three 24 books off of Amazon from Mom. Santa brought me a couple long sleeved shirts and jumper cables for my car, and my sister got me FUZZY SOCKS! Omg fuzzy socks for days, I LOVE it!!!! They’re totally my fave :)

And now it’s almost time to look at towards the new year. I can hardly believe it’s going to be 2012 already. What do you guys think about me doing post-a-day like Ash did? If my work schedule is anything like last semester’s was, I’d probably fail on the weekends. :P But hey, it’s worth a shot. Maybe I’ll do post-a-day for a month, and if that works out then I’ll do it for a year. And I was also thinking about doing this:

 It wouldn’t be as difficult as a 365 project. I wouldn’t think so anyway. We’ll see.

Yes, I’m probably going to be doing a year in reflection post, even if it is cliche. So much seemed to happen in 2011, and it went by so fast. That seems to be becoming a trend, I’ve noticed.

Oops, just realized I never updated on how my finals went. Firstly, I’ve noticed that over break I’ve been deliberately avoiding my computer. I must associate it with school. :P That’s not cool. Secondly, I got an eighty freakin six on my precalc final! For me, that is practically unbelievable. Safe to say I passed that class. I’m pretty pleased with myself on that. In SLF, I got an A- and they say that Gilbert rarely gives out A’s. That’s also the only class that I really want to see what I got on my final and see where I went wrong, etc. It was definitely one of my favorite, most interesting, if one of the most frustrating, classes I’ve taken so far. All my other classes I was just happy I passed and they’re over with.

Christmas break has been great. Spent time with some awesome people, and have plans to do more of that later, beginning tomorrow. :) And that’s all that matters.

One comment on “Fuzzy Socks & Other Necessities

  1. ashley says:

    Anyone else find it funny that after the dream I had, Dustin did get you something that was close to what I wanted to get you? No one? Okay.


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