Three, Two, One

One more final tomorrow. At 7:45am. Oh boy, that just might kill me. I don’t think I’ve gotten up before 8am all semester. Gonna be tough so kiss me, just once, for luck. These are desperate measures now.

I’m so ready to be on break! I want to hang out with Ashley and Amberness as much as possible, and read a few books, and maybe take some pictures! I’ve been seriously slacking on the picture-taking lately. But I feel like there’s nothing to take pictures of. Or no one, I should say. However we are getting a rather convenient subject in the next week and I’m soooo excited to try my hand at photographing a newborn. :)

We’re lacking snow here and there’s only 10 days until Christmas. Then 2012. Damn. It’s crazii how fast time goes but looking back on it there have so many good times. As hard as life is sometimes, I wouldn’t trade mine for anything. :)


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