That Time of the Year

Yup it’s about that time of the year. Christmas lights, candy canes, runny noses and cold ears. Reindeer, Christmas songs, snowflakes, sledding, and frosted windows. Don’t mind the fact that it’s not Thanksgiving yet. I helped my dad put up the light-up horses and sleigh (skinny Santa this year, fyi lol) and he put up the ones on the house today. I can’t wait to try and get some shots as soon as snow is on the ground.

Probably one of my most favorite parts of the cold holiday season:

Hot chocolate <3

My tastes have turned quickly away from coffee as the weather has gotten colder, and alighted on this wonderful delectable mixture of chocolate, warm milk, and whipped cream (if available). So delicious.



One comment on “That Time of the Year

  1. ashley says:

    Let’s not mention the S word just quite yet.. but I do love me some hot chocolate. :]

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