Confession Time

Yes, it’s confession time. I know a certain person that has a weakness for a certain show that I find [extremely] stupid. So it’s only fair that I confess my own [extremely] stupid weakness.

The books are dumb. The fans are a tad over the top. The series itself seems to be a bit of a Harry Potter wanna-be. And yet I know that I am going to go see this movie when it comes out in theaters, or if I don’t get a chance, then I’ll either rent or buy it.

I wouldn’t call myself a diehard fan of the series. Hell I think it’s dumber than shit. And at the same time it’s genius. I can’t help it. Something about these idiot books and movies draws me in. Here are my thoughts: The characters are revoltingly lovey-dovey, but I can’t help but think that haters hate on that fact because it’s exactly what people (or girls, at least) want in life. I think the series is so appealing because it’s about a man who would do absolutely ANYTHING for the one woman he loves more than ANYTHING in the world. Patch on the idea that it is a forbidden love – one that is almost guaranteed to never work out – as well as an angry, jealous, big brother man on the other side, and you have yourself a story.

I’m kind of waiting for a Philosophy & Twilight book to hit the shelves, if it’s not already out there, and I’d like to read it when it does. Fate… choice… such extreme circumstances. Yeah I have a hard time pairing the word ‘fate’ up with ‘Twilight.’

Anyway I don’t think that’s justification for me going to these movies, but I’m human. There’s my weakness. After the movie I’m going to shake my head and roll my eyes, and say how dumb it was. But deep down in my subconscious I’m gonna be lovin’ it.


4 comments on “Confession Time

  1. Amber says:

    Hehe (: you rock. I feel the same way about you lol

  2. ashley says:

    I applaud you for being able to admit to this weakness.. it couldn’t have been easy.
    It is interesting to me how certain series, such as this one, can generate such a large fan-base. Or even an audience at all. Everyone has their own interests, opinions, likes and desires.. (etc.) though I suppose. :]

    I think you make some good points in this, and I wish you could have been here when I read it. I’m not going to attempt to make all the rest of the comments I had on here.

    Oh, but I’m still curious as to what extremely stupid show prompted this post, though. There’s a lot of them out there..

    • I wish I coulda been there too lol

      Thanks for the comment. Oh btw that show is JS. And actually, what prompted this post was the song Poison by Groove Coverage. It’s an awesome song, but always makes me think of Twilight :P

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