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I’ve noticed that Twitter, Facebook, and this blog are neglected during the weekends. This is because work doesn’t leave room for procrastination. It’s here, it’s now, and it’s demanding to be done. And if done right –  and with a dash of luck – it pays off in dollar signs. But I’ve also noticed that it wears me out big time, like crashing on Sunday night after partying for 3 straight days. I guess I don’t have much endurance for something like that. And then of course a fun-filled Monday always tends to follow Sunday, where the only good thing is that I *don’t* have to go to work after classes finish for the day #relief Oh wait, this isn’t twitter.

Right now, I’m sitting in the little waiting area of one of the buildings on the wonderful campus of the college I chose to go to. For extra credit one of my professors (who happens to teach two of my classes this semester) told us to attend the global warming presentation. It ended up being an extremely passionate and radical 17 year old who claimed that if only we – the youth!!! – would get off our lazy asses and take action, we could get rid of gas stations and instead have community gardens where we would each connect on a deep and personal level. Oh and also we could have buildings made out of leaves and grass – good for the environment, ya know? [Insert snort here] Anyway, I decided to get some homework done here because home was hectic last night, resulting in very little homework getting done. Needless to say, I’m happy for the productivity I’ve had tonight homework wise.

That’s it for my rambling. :)


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