Run Around, Round

I had a long talk with Mom today before I went to class, a little over an hour. It felt great to just sit and chat with her. That’s something her and I do very little of nowadays. I told her we need to get the family out and get at least a couple shots of us together. I’d love to have someone take our pictures for us. The problem is getting all of us together at the same time. We’re all always so busy. :P

Speaking of pictures, I took some pictures of my dear friend Bianca today. I might just start calling her Ms. Glam. As soon as I finish editing them they will be up on my photoblog so be sure to check that out. :)

Definitely excited for tomorrow afternoon and night! I get to see a friend who is going to school an hour away and who I hardly get to see. Can’t wait to catch up with her. And after that, scare time. Halloween isn’t anything special to me, but it is in the fall, which is my favorite time of the year. I love the chilly air. It makes me feel energized and so alive.

Hey, 3 days straight! Damn Heather. :) Stick that in your face Mr. “You-Won’t-Get-A-Post-Up-In-Two-Hours.” xD [He did remind me though so I gotta give him a little credit.]


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