High On Summertime

I was high that night – on life, on love, on happiness, on summertime.

Me and Dustin at a little ma&pa bbq house. It was yummm.

Random dude’s sign :)

Lee Brice was pretty badass. Country rocker fo sho. He had so much energy, it was nuts.

I wasn’t too keen on Josh Thompson, but he was alright.

LUKE BRYAN!!!! It was soooooo freakin awesome. He came out singing Someone Else Calling You Baby. Pulled a little girl onto stage and let whoever was with her get a quick picture. He also pulled a big dude out of the crowd and had him Shake It for the crowd. He got the whole crowd involved in that, too, and it was so much fun.

He had sooooooo much energy and definitely played the crowd. He sang my two top favorite songs, Drunk On You and I Don’t Want This Night To End. It was so sick. :) He also said it was his first time playing the piano in front of a crowd live. Sang Do I too.

Then towards the end he started singing Rihanna and Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson. SOOOO FRICKEN AMAZING!!!! I was pumped up like a mofo, it was sooooo much fun! Oh of course he also played his old popular song All My Friends Say. That was great. xD
It was an all-in-all an amazing time with my awesome boyfrann. The drive up had a great convo, Hawks won their game, lunch was yummy, the necklace Dustin won me from one of those stupid machines is sweet, and the walk in McCrory Gardens was so peaceful. It was nice to get away, even if it was only just for a day. The drive back, I’ll admit, was pretty hard, but definitely worth it. :)

Luke Bryan knows how to throw a rockin concert. Oh and I forgot to mention that he also rocked out to Nothin’ But A Good Time and that was a freakin BLAST. :) It was out of this world, and I’d totally go see him in concert again. He said out of the entire Tailgates & Tanlines CMT tour, Brookings, SD (where we were) was the town to buy the most tickets. It’s crazii to think that he was an opener for the Rascal Flatts concert we went to in January and now is on his own tour. And apparently his new album Tailgates & Tanlines has been the #1 best-selling album in the country for two weeks in a row.

By far one of the the best – if not thee best – concerts I’ve ever been to. :)


One comment on “High On Summertime

  1. Ahha20 says:

    Jealous!! :) I’m glad you had fun! Miss you dear! We need to skype!!!

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