Don’t smile at me with that look in your eyes

It’s a great feeling to know your mom doesn’t trust you anymore. Especially since you’ve given her every freakin reason in the book to not trust you. (Insert SarcMark here).

I’ve been doing quite a bit of thinking today about what happiness is. Yes, that age old question, never destined to get a solid answer. So far, I’ve gotten two thoughts on what happiness is:

  1. Being content with who you are
  2. Doing what you want

Both pretty self explanatory. If you are unsatisfied with who you are, you can be doing what you want but still be unhappy. If you are content with who you are, but not doing what you want (for whatever reason), you’re never going to be truly happy. What do you think needs to be added to this list? And don’t leave me hanging, I always want to know why.

What if what makes you happy is making other people happy? Likewise, what if you were the only person left on Earth? What kind of person would you be then?
How much of an impact do our everyday interactions with others have on us? How often each day do we spend reacting to people around us? Are we who we are because of our interactions with others? Are we who we are because of how we were shaped as kids, as well as the role our genes play? Or are we who we are because of the choices we make, the person we choose to be?


Sorry, got a tad off subject there. But it’s a good point. How in the world do you know who you are? I thought when I was in high school that I questioned who the hell I was. But nowadays, making decisions that are going to affect me the rest of my life, responsibilities that I can’t run from, wondering about where I’ll be in the next 3 or 5 years, I’ve asked myself “Who am I?” more times than I can count. No doubt I’ve matured a great deal; sometimes I feel like I’m in the stage of adolescence in which the teenager rebels, except I’m looking at it from the perspective of an adult (I don’t know if that made much sense).

Apparently I’m spunky. No, I’ve never been described as that before. Yes, I’m a big girl, I can clean up my own messes. However, I guess I can’t clean up my messes that don’t exist. Oops, off topic.

Actually, I don’t know what the topic of this post is supposed to be. I just have so many random thoughts, and I hate putting them down ‘as is’… I need some organization.

Everything is subjective. It’s all in what you believe.

So what’s more important: the here and now, or the future that may never come?
The here and now, obviously. That’s why we go to school for degrees that we may never get to use.

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