Who was I kidding? I have just under an hour until my next class, and I seriously thought I was going to get some stuff done. Fat chance, specially since that stupid math class has got me so down. I don’t get anything out of that class except stress, anger, and frustration. I will happily be the poster child for “Girls can’t do math” because I couldn’t give a shit either way. I mean, what am I going to do with it? Explain to a suspect how to stretch a graph while I’m interrogating him? Or wait, maybe they’ll ask me the square root of -1 when I’m testifying. I hope they do, that way I can say something like “It’s imaginary, like my friend sitting here beside me. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t exist… he’s just fucking imaginary.”

I’m in a weird music mood today. Eminem or Backstreet Boys? What I really want is the NKOTBSB cd. At the moment, however, I’m listening to Slim Shady.

Anybody seen The Next Three Days? Good movie.

Or how about Limitless? This was a really good movie, I’d definitely watch it again.

If you had the chance to take a pill that basically made you a super genius, enabled you to use 100% of your brain power rather than merely 20%, would you take it? Would you keep taking it? What if the side effect of going off of it was death?}
It’s a really good movie, if you haven’t seen it, you should. :)

Oh gosh, I’ve totally forgotten about this song! Such a messed up song.

I’m listening to a shared iTunes and damn she has some gooooood music. I’ve honestly forgotten about a lot of Eminem’s old stuff. He’s so sick.


2 comments on “Limitless

  1. ashley says:

    I freaking want to see Limitless. & I’ve never heard of The Next Three Days before, but it looks good. I love guilty conscience.

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