Beautiful Frustrating Weather

Today wasn’t the best day. I spent pretty much the entire day (minus maybe an hour and a half) doing homework. And that sucked. But it was extremely hard to be in a bad mood with the absolutely gorgeous weather that graced us today. Sunny but cool, barely noticeable breeze, zero humidity, upper 60s pretty much all day. My kind of weather. If I could find a climate where it was like that year round, that’d be my heaven. Wishful thinking.

This weather had another effect on me. A frustration effect. As in, “my feet are stuck in the mud and I can’t get out” sort of thing. Frustrating. I can’t get free.


One comment on “Beautiful Frustrating Weather

  1. Ahha20 says:

    It was very beautiful today! But the thing about doing homework is you don’t have to live with the guilt of not doing it ;) Miss ya!

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