….and high on summertime <3

I. Freakin. LOVE. This. Song.

And this one:

His voice is just too amazing. If you get bored reading this post, you at least MUST listen to those songs.

And there I go again, not knowing what to blog about even though I had a number of good ideas earlier today! Damnit!

I just finished a book called My Life As An Experiment by A.J. Jacobs. In it he describes a number of different “experiments” he performed such as spending a month practicing Brutal Honesty and another month attempting to be totally and completely rational (which is completely irrational in itself but made for a good story), and another month being a unitasker. My favorite chapter was the one in which he described a month where he was, basically, a yes man to his wife. Meaning he did everything she asked and took up tasks around the house and such that she normally did (naturally, he chose the month of February to do this experiment). It really made me think about how much we humans multitask. I mean, when was the last time you did a single task, such as surfing the net, without doing any other task, like eating/drinking something, listening to music, talking to a friend, etc? It’s very interesting and eye-opening. Anyway A.J. also did a coupe other bigger experiments that each had their own book (he spent a year living completely in accordance with the Bible, and another he read the entire encyclopedia from A to Z). I’d really like to read Know-It-All.

It’d be interesting to try something different for a month, something drastically different, and record it and the way it affects you and people around you. A.J. has this way of writing that’s light and witty. In other words, this book was a very fast read and gave me a different perspective on life. Behavior shapes your thoughts.

Another project I’m tackling is the reading of a certain The Story of Psychology. Yes, I’m a nerd and I find the subject fascinating. I think it’d be so cool to go back in time and see what I could learn from Aristotle and Plato and Freud. Especially Freud. Although I think I’d be rather scared to let him analyze me. :P Anyway perhaps I shall try and keep you updated on that… it’s something to blog about I guess.

Congrats to those who listened to me babble about my books.

Today I’m thankful for the magic of books, that spread information and ideas and let’s you lose yourself in a world unlike your own.


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