I’m just a little drunk on you

Had an amaziiiiiing time with my besties last night. Amber goes off to finish college away from the dirty sioux and I’m gonna miss her like crazii! At least I got Ash to suffer with me. :) Speaking of school, I got my second textbook today. Joyous FUCKING statistics.

Lesson of the day: We, as in humans, don’t know shit and never, ever will because nothing is certain. (Brought to you by the Skeptics.)

I am getting my hair done Thursday morning. I’d like to do something different, that I’ve never done before, but I have no idea what that might be. I guess we shall see.. I’m about 84.624% that I want to get sideswipe bangs, and possibly layers as well. WE SHALL SEE.

Anyways, hopefully this will be the start of a more consistent blogging schedule for me. I’m determined to keep it up, for Amber’s sake if nothing else. :) And if that’s gonna happen, I’ve gotta keep a notebook or something with me to jot down my blog ideas. They always seem to come when I have nothing to record them with, then I forget them when I do go to blog.

Today, I am thankful for the color lime green. :)

One comment on “I’m just a little drunk on you

  1. Ahha20 says:

    :D keep blogging! and last night was awesome! Love ya deary! I can’t wait to see your new hair, I must see a pic as soon as possible! Oh yeah and you better keep the pin and paper with you!

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