That is SO Sexy!

I am pretty proud of myself. I’ve been getting on here as well as Twitter (more through my phone) much more lately. I’m still trying to get this blog figgered out though. :P

Amberness recently blogged about what is NOT sexy in a significant other. Check out that post here. So what is sexy? Opinions?

Acting and being somewhat civilized (hard for most men, I know) is pretty high on the list imo.

Maturity – not just ONE thing on his mind, for instance. Yeah, get a grip dudes…

Someone who’s not afraid to cry in front of his girl, or his friends, is definitely a good thing. Most girls like sensitivity. But on the other hand, don’t be a complete cooch either.

Those are just a few things I think are important. I could probably add more but at 2:30am, my mind isn’t working too well. Vaca with my chickks in 2 freakin days!!! Can’t wait! I def need the break, from everything. But sad my sister won’t be able to go. :( I hope she gets better fast… hospitals are no fun.

After that little escape, I get my new Mac! Though it is tough trying to decide which of my 9,000 pictures I should keep. :P About three days after we get back, I’m gonna be boarding a bus to a place where I shall have no internet access and zero phone service for four whole days! Sooooo excited for it! And nervous as heck. But should be a good time. Can’t wait to share pictures. :) Speaking of pictures, I have some on both of my cameras that I needa transfer but I decided to wait til I got my new computer. So they won’t be on for a while.


And in honor of mine and my chicks’ upcoming roadtrip :D


3 comments on “That is SO Sexy!

  1. ashley says:

    you figured out the link thingy! congrats! :D love it. may have to write a similar post…

    i’ll be praying she has a speedy recovery!

  2. Ahha20 says:

    Awh love and theft- runaway! That song has so many memories :D we have to make a mix with that cd on it for the trip! :) I definitely wouldn’t mind if a guy cried in front of me, I encourage it actually… just don’t weep, I will weep I’m the female lol I like guys that are respectful towards woman thats a major turn on :p

    I hope your sis gets better asap.

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