Poolside Thoughts

I’ve been thinking a lot about doing what my BB ( www.theashhole.wordpress.com ) is doing, which is the post-a-day challenge. If I went for a week I’d be impressed. :P But hey it’s worth a shot, right? Now… when to start? Ha xD

Apparently the heat index is 109 here is my lovely hometown of suck city. Hotter n shit but it sure as hell beats snow. I’m sittin by the pool reading in my swimsuit (with no plans on going swimming) wondering why I’m not in the sweet a/c. Prolly ’cause that requires proper clothes.

If I ever get on the computer again (yes I buckled down and got the wordpress app on my phone in the hopes it’ll motivate me to post more) then I’ll hafta add my tweets. Yeah, I got back on Twitter. Haven’t been on in 2yrs. Ha. Thanks Ashhole and Amberness ( www.theahhamoments.wordpress.com ). :)

Geez I needa redo this blog :P

One comment on “Poolside Thoughts

  1. Ahha20 says:

    Yay you posted!! Its freaking hot out ain’t it??? U better be posting everyday!

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