Reality or Bliss?

I can’t figure out the fucking link thing. Yeah, I’m an idiot.

I haven’t read the whole blog post by my bestie yet, but going from what I read on Wikipedia and just a few thoughts spared over it, I’d like to say I’d go with the red pill. But then I second guess myself. The blue pill sounds awfully tempting….

How many so-called “crazii” people in institutions and psychiatric wards have been given zero pills to induce their reality, and yet they still live in (so-called) “bliss”?

My point is: It’s all in what you believe. What’s the truth but what you accept as real? Honestly, is there such a thing as complete truth? Everyone perceives things differently, so there’s no telling what is the actual truth for one individual person. I mean, who gives a shit what you think? You can believe you’re right, I’ll believe (actually I’ll KNOW) that I’m right, and we’ll all live happily fucking after. Ha.

This deserves more thought, of which I cannot give atm because I feel a certain Senorita Rojo sneaking up on me and she’s usually very draining (excuse the lame joke).

A while back I asked, “It is what it is… but what is it?” The tentative answer now: “Whatever you want it to be (but that’s not going to change the fact of what it REALLY is).”

I think I just confused myself.


3 comments on “Reality or Bliss?

  1. aayjayell says:

    does it matter to you what it really is? or are you happy with it being whatever you want? (:

    i am glad to see you posting again! especially about this, i wanted to ask you what you thought after i knew you had read about it. i feel like this could be a good discussion topic sometime if i could get my thoughts together and i’m not sick of it by then.

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