Penny For Your Thoughts

Registered for next semester. Yay for Philosophy!…..

I wish I didn’t drop things – like iPods and phones – so damn easily =/

Boo snow. Yay homemade orange rolls :)

Starbucks White Mocha sounds amazing right now. I may have to take my homeboy out tonight if he’s free.

Gotta run to Best Buy…. ugh.

I really want to write a story, but my imagination is stuck in reality and reality is no fun (at least at this point in life). Depressing. Very depressing.

I want to take pictures, of anything and everything. But when I do I feel like they don’t “capture” it.

“Where The Red Fern Grows” is now officially the saddest movie ever. Curse you tears.

I need headphones for my iPod, ’cause I’m lame and lost mine for the second time. Honestly don’t know how I do it.

Money sucks. Wish I could quit thinking about it.

Why is no song feeling just right to listen to right now? I’ve never driven in silence before.

I need to transfer my pictures to my computer.

That’s 12 cents. But what’s it really worth?


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