F*ckk Yeaah!

Holy shit. If you get the chance to see Nelly in concert, DO IT!!!!

For $35….

Cali Swag District

Sick Puppies



And prime seats.

Hell yes.

They started out with some dude that called himself Big Reeno. They were pretty tight. But it was just the beginning.

Cali Swag District – They couldn’t teach me to dougie. I don’t think anybody could. Ha. Anyway, that song is the only one I knew of theirs so I was excited to hear more stuff, and just see them live of course is pretty sweet. I was actually kind of disappointed, because they tried too hard to please the crowd. Had some good music, but nothing that particularly stuck out to me. Still gotta see them in concert!

Sick Puppies – One word: FREAKS! This dude, the lead singer, Shimon Moore is seriously. Fuckin. CRAZII! He can play a crowd better than any person I’ve seen in concert before. Every other word out of his mouth was a curse word – it was awesome. xD He’s wild, and aggressive, and just nuts. Then the bassist, Emma Anzai. Wow. She’ll teach you to R.O.C.K. If I could play even a quarter like she does, and keep up that wild energy, I’d be amazed. Not to mention her hair is freakin awesome. And the drummer, Mark Goodwin, he didn’t seem quite as crazii as the other two but he is quite the drummer. I’m going to look up more of their music, and even if I never really get into them, I’d definitely see them in concert again, just for the wild, fanatic, fucking craziiness of them! It is seriously sick.

3oh!3– Wasn’t too excited for them. Not that they’re not good singers, just not my type of music. They were fun to see though, and watching the crowds’ reactions to them was entertaining. Goofy looking fellows. Haa, that killed me. One of them looked like someone from work (actually saw a lot of work lookalikes) and it was just weird. But they were still fun to see.


And finally……

NELLY!!!! – Never ever ever ever ever ever would I have thought I’d actually see Nelly in concert, let alone in the Sioux(!!!!), so I think I’m still flying from the fact that he was here. And IT. WAS. AMAZIING! Played some of his old songs, Country Grammer and Air Force One and a couple others, including an old favorite! Over and Over. Holy crap forgot how much I love that song. He was def a crowd player too. He asked for a girl with confidence and brought some chick up on stage and told her to walk. And started playing a song, and she started dancing and grinding with him. Shit, if I was up in front of that many people (practically the entire Tyson Events Center was full), I’d probably faint. She was all into it, it was crazii. He brought a couple other people up too, and made the dude sing to his girl. It was awesome. Oh, and he took his shirt off. WIN! :)

All in all, FREAKIN AMAZING CONCERT!!! Def the best concert I’ve been to. The 2 and a half hour wait in line outside in the cold, and crazii mass of people swarming through the doors was wayy worth it. 6500 people were there, and we got amazing seats, and got a pretty damn up close look at the singers. I still can’t believe Nelly was here. And it was only $35. Holy. Shit. I can only imagine what that girl who got on stage was thinking, $35 and got to meet him. Deal of a lifetime right there. Crap though, I’m still walking on air from it, it was awesome. And I’m so happy I gotta spend it with Dustin. :)

Now…. back to reality.


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