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It was gorgeous today. 50 degrees. And I was very motivated to get stuff done today: cleaned up the backyard a bit, vacuumed the upstairs for Mom, did some homework, brushed Mandy and Jayde, clipped all three dogs’ nails, and trimmed Buddy’s paw hair so they’re nice and formed now. And I even had time to have lunch with the boyf at Red Robin (I seem to be becoming a regular at that place…. teriyaki chicken sandwich ftw). :) Oh and went outside with my baby girl to play with her ChuckIt. Can’t wait for all the mud and goop to dry up.

She turns 4 in 10 days. :)

Spring break is definitely going by way too fast. And as excited as I am for Nelly on Sunday, the fact that I have to get up at 7 the next morning for a class I don’t really care for isn’t fun at all. Oh well, summer might seem a far way off but I’m half-scared it’s right around the corner. Still soo much to do. *sigh*

Enough of that depressing talk. Moving on…

Life experiences. I watched 127 Hours, the movie about the man who got stuck while climbing and was stuck for like 5 days in the middle of nowhere. The fact that it was based on a true story is what makes it so captivating and mind-blowing. At least to me. I won’t tell you anything else except – GO WATCH IT!

Current song obsession: Innocent – Our Lady Peace


2 comments on “This post has no title

  1. aayjayell says:

    “Enough of that depressing talk. Moving on…”
    ….to talk about a movie based on a true story of a guy who had a really horrific time for 5 days.

  2. If I could like comments I totally would :)

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