It’s not the words. It’s the feelings behind them.

“Everything is subjective.

I’m better off alone ’cause that way I don’t have to worry about being worthy to anyone else.

There’s a thin line, when you’re walking that rope, between depending on yourself and depending on someone else. Don’t lose yourself in some ’cause it’s not fair to them or you, and will only cause pain in the end.

Is it better to avoid pain altogether, to shield yourself from hurting, or is the pain worth it when you fall?

‘Cause people will always let you down.

Life has taught me to depend on myself. Now if only others would leave me alone.

They’re not the problem though… I’m the problem. Others have nothing to do with it.


I allow my demons to control me.

It’s all in what you believe. You are what you say you are. “You are what you think. You are what you do.” (J. Douglas). It’s all in what you believe.

How do you change your beliefs? How do you realize that NOBODY gives a SHIT about you???

How much pain does it take to finally cross that line?



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