One-oh, double one

Something on my mind: religion, church, and the whole dealio. Spilling around in my head. Why do people go to church? Why do people NOT go to church?


Happy New Year :)

No New Year’s Resolutions from this girl. The thing about those is that people make them and are all motivated for the first couple months of the year, then they die out. So what’s the point? Dustin and I have come up with a different idea: New Month Resolutions. We’ll come up with something and be each other’s “cheerleaders” for each month of the year. Small steps rather than one big step. For instance, I have lots of bad habits. :) Chocolate. Starbucks. Eating unhealthy. Not exercising enough. There are plenty of things I could resolve to do. I’m kind of excited about this idea. We decided to start in February so we could have some time to think about stuff and get into it.


Something I love: alone time :) Need I say more?


The last five days of 2010..


{December 27th}

Mandy has the same color eyelashes as me :)


{December 28th}

My beautiful niece. She sure loves her bath time!


{December 29th}

Coolest socks ever, no?


{December 30th}

Something in your eye Jayde?

{December 31st}

baby feet. ready to walk the path of life. <3


That was a fun project but I think I could have been more creative with it. To all those people tackling a 365 picture project, kudos to you. I need to get my camera out more. I’m really liking my 55mm lens, I just need to use it more.


Back to classes the 11th. Re-reading one of my old favorite series, the Alex Rider Adventures. :) Young adult fiction but still the bomb. Fuzzy socks rock. What a way to start the new year, with a bang. :P Girls really get the raw end of the deal. Work tonight, then three days off. Yay!




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