Take a chill pill

Words of wisdom: Yeah, it sucks. Life. Oh well.

Life is too short to be anything but happy. Why stress and worry and get mad over stupid stuff? :)


{December 19th}

My Jokerrrr<3


{December 20th}

Why worry?

My new philosophy, unconsciously it seems, has been “It sucks. Oh well.” And move on. Not sure where it came from but I like it.


{December 21st}

Good  hair day (for Bianca anyway)


{December 22nd}

Every big thing is made up of lots of other little things…. awesome little things.


I’m excited for Christmas…. 2 days! I finished all my shopping today. Gonna do aaalllll the wrapping tmrw. :P Should be a fun time holed up in the house with Kaylinn and Mom and 4 little kids. Joy joy. Hot chocolate will do me good, especially if it snows as much as the weather people say it will.


So I’m pretty content at the moment. Nothing really getting to me or bothering me except….. a certain person. I don’t understand why people don’t just say what’s on their mind. Especially if you’re supposedly “friends.” What am I supposed to do when I don’t understand the situation but I’m not being told what it is I’m doing wrong? I don’t get it. So 2 options: let it go, brush it off, act like everything is fine OR confront this person and ask what it is that’s bothering them and what I can do to help them. [Problem there is…. you cannot help someone who refuses to help themselves. It just doesn’t work.] Both options sound appealing, but they both appeal to different emotions. One: fed-up type frustration, exasperation, “eff-it” type stuff OR two: angry frustration, exasperation, “what the eff” type stuff. The second option won’t work so well if it’s motivated by seeing red. In a calm, cool, rational situation it might be fine. But at the moment I don’t think I’m ready for that. I’m more just fed-up with the fight, meaning I’d be like a tense string ready to break at any second. Is that good or bad? Hmm….



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