Catch up post

It’s easy keeping up with DOD on Facebook, not so easy here. I don’t have that much interesting stuff to say everyday.


{December 13th}


{December 14th}


{December 15th}


{December 16th}


{December 17th}


{December 18th}


It feels great to be on break. As worried as I am about the money situation for next semester, I’m super glad I can relax now. Well relax and work. I need money. :P

Woke up today with sore throat and the beginnings of a cold. Thank gosh for DayQuil. Now if only I could call in sick to work… ahh well. Got Airborne for that. :) Regardless, life is pretty damn good at the moment.


Everything you have ever wanted comes right when you stop looking for it.


One comment on “Catch up post

  1. aayjayell says:

    Those flowers are beautiful.

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