It’s just sugar… trust me

First blizzard of 2010 – check.

First time of the year to get stuck at the bottom of the hill – check.

Lots of hot chocolate – check. :)

Unfortunately work and studying for finals rudely places themselves on that list too, but let’s pretend they’re not there. :) [Final schedule: 1 Wed for Learning, Memory & Lab, 1 Thurs for U.S History to 1877, and 1 Fri for 20th Century World History… yay. Plus side: no classes for me Mon or Tues.]

My current obsession is My Darkest Days. Their album is amaz-za-zingg. I can’t pick a favorite, but I really like “Like Nobody Else” and “F*cked Up Situation.”

So what is it with “the bedroom” and mothers? I wonder if mothers of lesbians let their daughters have girls in their rooms. Strange thought. I’m sleep deprived so that doesn’t help my mood at all. Makes it worse, if you were wondering. Pretend I didn’t just say that.

Picture time!


Jayde says, “I believe I can fly.”


Rawr :)


Mandy decided to try out Jayde’s ear style. I don’t think it worked so well for her.



She takes my breath away<3


How bout that December thing eh? :)

Kinda cheated but hey it works.

{December 11th}



{December 12th}


I’ll leave ya with this.

“I have too much to lose, she said, if I cross that line. Like what? I said. She could not think of anything that day so she said she’d get back to me. Since then I’ve been thinking what I would lose if I cross my line & I haven’t come up with anything either. There’s always another line somewhere.” – Brian Andreas

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