See Me Through – <3 Rascal Flatts

The nerve of some people just amazes me. Why do some people glorify in creating drama and making other peoples’ already hard lives worse? Doesn’t make any sense to me, and it pisses me off. Same thing in not doing what you say you’re gonna do.

“I give you my word” -Jack Bauer

My favorite manager and someone I admire greatly is coming to town tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll get to see him… I’m so excited. :)

Because I didn’t post yesterday.

{December 2nd}

And todays. :)

{December 3rd}

I have a friend who reads people's auras. He sees all sorts of colors like green & red & purple. He says anyone can do it. All it takes is forgetting everything you think you know & just looking. I've tried it & even though I haven't seen any colors yet, everyone I meet looks so beautiful when I stop knowing everything, that it's pretty hard to go back to the old way. - Brian Andreas

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