(8)What you want, what you need, has been killing me.

Try to be everything that you want me to be (8)

This is a blank map that lets you go as far as you want in any direction, with no questions asked, but it’s no help at all if you want to know if you’re going in the right direction.

Supposed to. Should. Shouldn’t.

Girl meets boy. Girl falls for boy. Boy breaks girl’s heart.

Who the hell said this is what is “supposed to” happen? Every little expectation of life that you have from books and movies and stories… throw them out the window. Don’t have expectations. There’s a reason life doesn’t come with a handbook. It’s ’cause there are no rules. There are no guarantees. In the game of life, anything can happen. Don’t be caught unawares ’cause like they say….. life don’t stop for nobody. </3


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